Austin University Area
United States of America
On Monday, June 29 at 6:30 PM, we will hold our online-only end of year club assembly.  Next week we will have the induction of the 2020-2021 board!  I'm grateful for the opportunity to have served as your president, and glad to have the chance to wrap up this year.
See you tonight - Ivan
Our meetings are now online using WebEx.
If you have not used WebEx before, see the instructions under WebEx and SET UP below.
WebEx Information
CONNECT via WebEx - Computer, Tablet, Smart Phone
We will have some tech support available on the meeting chat.
You can connect this way if you just want to talk and hear, but not be seen.  This is also an option if you are having difficulties with the audio connection on your computer - you can connect to the video via the Internet, and connect to the audio by dialing in on your phone.
Dial the number below and then enter the access code.
United States Toll: +1-408-418-9388 
Access code:  625 311 894 and press ‘#'
Web Meetings (or web conferences) differ from watching videos on line (YouTube, Facebook Live, Netflix, etc.) because our club members can interact and participate in the meeting.  Thru the use of your camera and microphone on your desktop or smart device, people in the web meeting can see you (if you allow) via the camera on your desktop or smart device, and you can speak up in the meeting via the microphone on your desktop or smart device.   
Our meetings will be conducted with WebEx.  WebEx is free, and runs on desktops, laptops, tablets and smart phones.  You can also dial in on an old school phone or cell phone if you just want to listen in on the meeting (and talk.)
We recommend installing the app on your computer, tablet or smart phone BEFORE the meeting.
You can install the app by visiting https://www.webex.com/downloads.html/ and following the instructions.
You can learn about joining a WebEx Meeting here:  
You can join a test WebEx meeting, and install the apps, here: