Austin University Area
Harris Elementary School
1711 Wheless Ln
Austin, TX 78723
United States of America
All club members are invited to attend the Early Act First Knight (EAFK) Knighting Ceremony at Harris Elementary.
Our club is a co-sponsor of EAFK.
The knighting ceremony is the reward component of the EAFK program. Attended by all students (not just awardees), faculty, Rotarian advisors, special guests and parents of student awardees, this 40-minute presentation honors select students who excel in EAFK academics and service, while encouraging all students to participate in the EAFK service club.  
The event starts at 8:30 AM, but please arrive at 8 AM to pick up your badge from the front desk.
Harris Elementary School
1711 Wheless Ln
Austin, TX 78723