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Patricia Wilson - Making a Difference - The Art of Community Engagement

Patricia A. Wilson,  professor at the  University of Texas, has worked for over thirty years in community development, mostly in Latin America, exploring what it is that makes some aid projects successful and some not.   She will present two stories from her most recent book that addresses that question:  The Heart of Community Engagement:  Stories from Across the Globe (Routledge, 2019). 240 pp.).

Dr. Patricia A. Wilson, a senior professor in the U.T. Graduate Program in Community and Regional Planning, teaches international community development.  Her extensive field research in community-based change processes has included Latin America, South Africa, India, and the U.S.  Dr. Wilson holds a B.A. (with honors in Economics) from Stanford and a Master’s and Ph.D. In regional planning from Cornell.  
Details about her book The Heart of Community Engagement: Practitioner Stories from Across the Globe (Routledge, 2019), can be found by clicking HERE .  20% discount code: enter SOC19.
Our meetings are open to the public and don't require you to purchase a meal or a drink, but the food and drink at Shoal Creek Saloon was recently featured in the Austin American-Statesman. We are in the Last Lift Lounge room of Shoal Creek Saloon - enter thru the main door and turn left into the Last Lift Lounge as you pass the bar.
Parking can get crowded at Shoal Creek Saloon - additional street parking is available on 10th Street.